They’re In!

26 Sep

cole.jpgNot because they won, but because the Braves lost and so did the Padres the Phillies have clinched atleast the N.L. Wildcard.  After the Braves lost the Phillies magic number dropped down to 1.  All the Phillies need is another win or a Braves loss to win the title.  It’s gonna happen.

Sadly there was no celebration at home for the Phillies this year as the Mets put that idea to rest with a 7-3 win over the Phils.  Cole Hamels struggled with his pitches and with home plate umpire Mike Winters who had a pretty inconsistant strike zone.  Cole managed only 4 innings in the loss throwing 84 pitches.  Hamels had been bound to come back to earth eventually, but unfortunatly it had to happen today at home when the Phillies had a chance to win their fourth division title in front of a home crowd.  Against the Mets no less…

The offense tried to get the Phillies back in the game multiple times.  Chase Utley’s three run homer was the closest they would get.  The Phillies had runners on the pads for multiple innings towards the end, but just couldn’t drive it home.  They went 1-13 with runners in scoring position, and left 9 on base.  That’s not gonna get it done. 

Roy Halladay will face the Nationals tomorrow.  He’ll be opposite lefty John Lannan (8-7) who generally struggles against the Phillies.  Don’t count this as a win just yet.  The Nationals have been playing some pretty good baseball, but Halladay will be looking for his 21st win after some extra rest.  I’m sure he’ll be amped up to lock up the National Leage East for the Phils.

Side Notes –

Jimmy Rollins – Jimmy got a chance to pinch hit in Sunday’s loss but grounded out to first.  He ramained in the game and fielded a ball, but that was the only action he saw.  I think it’s pretty likely that he’ll get the start either Monday or Tuesday depending on how he felt after the game.  Expect him to bat somewhere close to the 7th or 8th spot in the lineup.


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