Pitching Was The Key

21 Sep

Game 1 Winner – Charlie Manuel

The Phillies did what they had to do to maintain their lead, and now pad it.  They made an adjustment to the rotation so that they would have the Big Three pitch to the Braves.  Most managers don’t like to make these adjustments thinking that it disrupts the pitchers flow, one of those managers is Braves skipper Bobby Cox.   

The Braves left their rotation alone, so the Phillies will not have to see Tim Hudson or Derek Lowe.  After scratching Jair Jurrjens the Braves started Brandon Beachy, who was a recent call up from their Triple A affiliate.  I honestly think they knew they weren’t going to start Jurrjens and waited to make the announcement thinking it would be to their advantage, and that might have worked considering the Phillies usually struggle against pitchers they haven’t see.

But it didn’t.    

Cole Hamels has now won a career best 5 straight starts to improve to 12-10.  Cole went eight strong innings striking out six.  Hamels wasn’t as dominant as he usually is but he was focused, and that’s what it takes.  He got into a little trouble but stayed on top of it and shut the Braves down.  The defense behind Cole played very nicely, turning 3 double plays.

Lidge by the way was totally bad ***.  Two great filthy strikeouts to end the game.  He’s looking great!

The Phillies offense didn’t have it’s best outing of the year, but they scored enough to get the win. 

Tonight’s match up will feature Roy Halladay who’s looking for is 20th win of the season.  Roy will face the Braves lefty Mike Minor.  Minor is 3-1 with a 5.84 ERA.  Don’t be fooled by his limited numbers, Minor is a pretty good pitcher.

Side Notes –

Jimmy –  It looks as though we’re not going to be seeing Jimmy Rollins this week either.  The Phillies would like Jimmy to see some action before he returns to Philadelphia’s line up.  The Florida Instructional League is going now so my best guess is that he might be heading to Clearwater to work out with them.

Red Man – I actually agree with Chris Wheeler.  Don’t give this idiot the satisfaction.   

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