Phillies Offense Finishes Off Fish

16 Sep

sept15.jpgThis team sure is beginning to click at the right time. Winners of seven of their last eight the Phillies appear to show little sign of coming back down, and for Roy Halladay it was just another night.  The most modest pitcher in baseball earned just his 19th win against the Florida Marlins on Wednesday night.  By his standards this start could have been better but Phillies fans don’t think that way.  They know the win didn’t just mean a sweep in Florida, it meant that the Phillies would have a three game lead in the National League East with just 15 games to play.

Concern around Halladay has been pretty quiet since nobody wants to consider that “The best pitcher in baseball” might be getting tired.  Roy leads the Majors at 234 2/3 innings and is still scheduled to make three more starts.  That’s a lot of innings.  We have to be thankful that the Phillies schedule also includes these off days on Thursdays for the rest of the season.  I think that Roy could use them and so does he.

“I’ll take it,” Roy said about the extra day off before his next start.  

Charlie Manual and the Phillies brass continue to shrug off the idea that Roy Halladay might be feeling a little wear and tear. “I don’t think he’s tired,” Manuel said after the game.
“He just had one of those nights. Some nights you don’t have your best
stuff. And it was very warm here.” Halladay was adamant that he’s not feeling tired.

sept151.jpg“I feel good, stamina-wise,” he said. “I haven’t felt like I’ve gotten
tired at the end of games. I think definitely there are times when you
realize it’s not April. You don’t have that little extra giddy-up at
times. That’s where those extra days can come in. But I feel good.”

I don’t really think he had the “Giddy-up” this time, but let’s admit it, a Giddy-less Halladay can still beat most any hitter in the National League anyway. Since Halladay doesn’t primarily rely on his gas he’s still able to effectively put hitters away and win games.

Chase Utley homered, and Wilson Valdez had another great game going 3 for 5 with two RBI.  Victorino continues to swing a hot bat as he extended his hitting streak to nine games hitting .432 with three doubles, one homer, four RBI, 11 runs scored and five stolen bases in the previous eight games. Shane had a triple and a two out RBI in Wednesday night’s win.  

The Nationals are coming to town and everyone knows that despite their record these guys always play the Phillies hard.  The Phillies magic number is down to 13 and the series against the Braves next week will likely be the biggest one of the season.  

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One Response to “Phillies Offense Finishes Off Fish”

  1. phillies_phollowers September 17, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    I am worried about Halladay…although his arm is unlikey to fall off, he does look very tired. Hopefully, we can get this thing in the bag this week and rest him!


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