Jimmy Rollins Update

15 Sep

jimmyy.jpgJimmy had an MRI of his hamstring on Monday that revealed no structural damage, and is still listed as day to day.  It’s not as bad as it could be, but it is still a pretty legitimate strain.  This type of injury usually has a rehab timetable of three weeks.  The Phillies have a field test program in place for Jimmy because he doubts that it will take that long.  Jimmy has not run on it, or even jogged, so the likeliness of him playing this weekend or even next week with our series with Atlanta is very unlikely.

Everybody knows that Jimmy likes the big show, so don’t worry he’ll be back.

You can’t complain about how well the team has done without him.  Shane Victorino has really done a great job at the front of the lineup and Wilson Valdez is a great fielding replacement for Jimmy.

Side Notes –

Pitching – Charlie tipped his hand and announced that the Phillies WILL flip flop the rotation so the Big Three will face Atlanta.  It’s gonna be awesome.

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