Pitching Down the Stretch

14 Sep

images.jpgYesterday Phillies Pitching Coach Rich Dubee hinted that the Phillies might consider skipping the No. 5 spot
in the rotation and have Roy Oswalt pitch on regular rest. This is actually possible since the Phillies have three more Thursday’s as off days and
two series against the Braves left in the season.  Having these Thursdays off allows the Phillies to align the starters so that the Big Three of Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt would face the Braves each time. Here’s how it might work out. 

Sept. 13 @ Florida–Joe Blanton
Sept. 14 @ Florida–Cole Hamels
Sept. 15 @ Florida–Roy Halladay

Sept. 16 OFF

Sept. 17 vs. Washington–Roy Oswalt
Sept. 18 vs. Washington–Kyle Kendrick/Vance Worley
Sept. 19 vs. Washington–Joe Blanton

Sept. 20 vs. Atlanta–Cole Hamels
Sept. 21 vs. Atlanta–Roy Halladay
Sept. 22 vs. Atlanta–Roy Oswalt

Sept. 23 OFF

Sept. 24 vs. New York–Joe Blanton
Sept. 25 vs. New York–Cole Hamels
Sept. 26 vs. New York–Roy Halladay

Sept. 27 @ Washington–Roy Oswalt
Sept. 28 @ Washington–Kyle Kendrick/Vance Worley
Sept. 29 @ Washington–Joe Blanton

Sept. 30 OFF

Oct. 1 @ Atlanta–Cole Hamels
Oct. 2 @ Atlanta–Roy Halladay
Oct. 3 @ Atlanta–Roy Oswalt

If this could work out it would obviously be very beneficial to the Phils.

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