Lidge’s Elbow

8 Sep

_sept81.jpgAccording to Brad, we shouldn’t worry, but we will.  Lidge didn’t get into last night’s game bacause he’s nursing a sore elbow.  Lidge said that he hyper extended it over throwing a fastball two outings ago.

“Its a very minor thing but we wanted to make sure it’s rested for two days now, instead of making it worse and having to risk something else.” Lidge said.  “It’s precautionary.”

The Phillies kept the elbow mum because they didn’t want the Marlins to know that they weren’t going to go to Lidge in the 9th.

It’s not really that great for Brad, because he has really begun to throw the ball well, and of course the Phillies have just pulled into first place. 

It worries me because I have never doubted Lidge’s stuff, I’ve always felt it’s all in his head.  He seemed fairly confident after the game, which looked like a good sign, but I just hope he can come out and pitch without doubt.

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One Response to “Lidge’s Elbow”

  1. rrrt September 8, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    I agree, Lidge has thrown the ball pretty well lately. Of course, there was that little balk in San Diego to blow a save, but hey, that’s not actually throwing, right? 🙂 Hopefully just a minor twinge that will clear up (I do NOT trust Madson to close games!).
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