In Wake of Win Jimmy Exits Early

8 Sep

Sept8.jpgJimmy Rollins has been listed as day to day after pulling up lame while running to second base on Wednesday night.  As he passed first base it appeared like Jimmy had some sort of tightness in his leg.  He stayed at second base, telling first base coach Davey Lopes that he was alright.  Two batters later Carlos Ruiz floated one to left field and Jimmy was able to score from second.  For being in pain, he ran pretty well.  Wilson Valdez came on in the fourth inning to replace Jimmy

Reports after the game said that earlier in the day Jimmy had skipped batting practice saying that he didn’t feel too well.  Charlie Manuel backed that up by saying post game that Jimmy was feeling dehydrated and that his tightness most likely could be attributed to that.

Speculation is being raised that Jimmy isn’t training as hard as he
should be in the off season.  An injury here and there is not surprising
for a speedy, head first sliding guy like Jimmy, but three times a year
is a lot.  Muscles should be getting stronger, am I right?  I
understand that athletes can get dehydrated, but in baseball that’s kind
of hard to do.  You’re sitting on a bench for half the game anyways. 
Grab a Gatorade Jimmy! 

Jimmy was unavailable for comment after the Phillies victory but teammates spoke with J-Roll and that he appears to be alright and shouldn’t miss much time.  Phillies team doctors gave a similar story.

jimmy812.jpgPhillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said on Thursday that Jimmy was feeling better.  

Jimmy had been slowly coming out of a funk after being dropped back to 5th in the lineup because of his struggles in the lead off spot.  Shane Victorino who was moved up to the lead off has also been improving his offensive numbers during the temporary move.  The Phillies have pounded in 25 runs in the last three games with Shane at the top of the line up.

The team is hot, but needs rest.  Lidge’s elbow is obviously a huge concern as he has been pitching great over the last month.  I’ve mentioned Jimmy, and Friday’s starter Roy Halladay needs a little extra rest.  Halladay has pitched more innings than any other pitcher in Major League Baseball this season.  Friday night’s match up is in Queens, which is good because it means less travel time and no flying. 



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