Bat Attack!

1 Sep


It’s been over a month but we finally got to see Ryan Howard blast one!  Ryan is notoriously hot in September, but this year he decided to start a couple hours early.  Howard’s 3-run smash to center was very important as the Dodgers kept trying to crawl back into the game. 

No better time for him to get hot with the way things are going.

Kyle Kendrick labored yet again and was pulled after six innings.  Kyle still got a victory because the bullpen closed the door.  Durbin, Romero, Madson and Lidge.  The only 4 bullpen guys I even want to see for the rest of the season. 

The best part of the night was when Carlos Ruiz was called up to pinch hit and Joe Torre called Jonathan Broxton from the Bullpen.  At this point in thier history Chooch had been 3 for 3 against Broxton so Torre made a pretty great choice.  What an idiot.  Chooch slapped one into left field and two more runs scored.  Something isn’t right with Broxton.  He went from being nearly unhittable to serving up beach balls.

_aug302.jpgBrian Schneider served up a nice 3-run homer of his own early in the game to get the Phillies going.  It’s really great to see guys who aren’t everyday players step up and make a big impact.  Brian has done this on more than one occasion.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but winning 2 of 3 the rest of the way is going to be critical to the Phillies success.  The occasional sweep would be nice.  The Braves are not going to roll over. 

Speaking of rolling over.  Have you seen the Mets most recent attempts at beating the Braves?  Jeez.  Throw in the towel a month early.  It’s become pretty stinkin’ obvious who the Mets want to see win this division. 

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