What’s The Problem?

27 Aug

werth.jpgThis is becoming just a little too unbearable.  What the hell is the problem guys?  What’s with all the terrible swings and the brain farts on the base pads?  Is there honestly time for this team to recover before the end of the season?

Yes, they can recover.  How the offense is again the problem, I have no idea.  As much as people wanted to criticize the bullpen and give the 4 and 5 starters their walking papers, the real problem is the offense.  It’s not just the bats though,  these brainless mistakes that are taking place on the bases are just killer.  Ben Francisco blew a good chance to score when he was picked off third on Wednesday..  Jayson Werth is the bigger dunce who managed to get picked off second with that play that involved Brett Myers tongue.  I’m sorry but he should have been yanked from the game and benched the next game.  Then yesterday when he tried to score on the sac fly? That lame sidestep that he pulled was embarrassing. If you’re not going to play 100% then turn in your jersey.  I always liked Jayson, but am petty damn upset with him lately.  I will be sad to see him go because he is a very entertaining guy, but I won’t miss stuff like that.  I don’t know what happened with him this week.  People keep citing this contract issue, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. 

I’m in agreement with all the people that have been saying that Utley and Howard returned too early.  Utley played in a few games in Clearwater, and has been coming around over the last few days, but Howard is struggling badly.  His lone game in Lakewood was not nearly enough time for him to get the timing of his swing down.  He’s going to come around but it’s been sooooo painful watching it happen. 

This next series is going to really test the moxie of the Phillies.  Mat Latos and John Garland are really pitching well.  The Padres are one of the better stories in baseball because the way their season started out they looked as if they were going to be big sellers in July, but that was halted after they started to mow down all the previous kings of the West.

Side Notes –

Baez – On the DL.  I care?

Stephen Strasburg – Tommy John surgery… That sucks bad for D.C.  This will really hurt their ticket sales… Every five days.  

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2 Responses to “What’s The Problem?”

  1. barbward August 27, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    Is it really the fans place to fix this team? Only they know for sure what’s going on in their minds and in the clubhouse. JWerth isn’t one to divulge any personal opinion or comment so can we really read what’s going on with him? I’m just not one to tell the team what’s wrong with them and how they suck. They’ll work it out… or not. This season has been CRAZY ! So it goes. Perhaps Manuel should sit Utley and Howard more and let Sweeney and Valdez fill in the gaps. Manuel, I think, believes that regular play will iron out their kinks and give them back their rhythym. Who knows what is right? I do think that the team’s cohesiveness is a big issue. There’s been way too many injuries and way too many lineups that caused this “up and down” season. I think though that we owe it this team to support them and back them 100%. They gave this town a lot of thrills and something to be proud of. We need to remember that stand behind them, and show some faith. Sorry for ranting here. I just feel so strongly about it. Barb

  2. phillies_phollowers August 28, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    I agree Werth should have been benched, especially in light of the fact that Rollins was benched for lack of hustle. And while I agree with Barb about standing behind the team, they do need to be called out when making bone-head plays. Mistakes are one thing; lack of focus is something totally different. If I make a mistake, fine, I am human. But if I just was not paying attention or trying my hardest, I expect to hear about it.


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