Two Games-Three Ejections-Two Losses Part II

26 Aug

coleh.jpgThe Phillies are being done in by sluggish offense, and stupid mental mistakes.  We can talk about how terrible these umpires are (They are).  All I know is that  what is happening to Cole Hamels has become incomprehensible.  Why is it that this team can only score runs on certain days?  Cole has taken this all really, really well.

Like many other people on Tuesday we had tickets to the game because we wanted a Carlos Ruiz Bobble Head.  It’s actually pretty sweet.  The face mask detaches so you can slide it up on top of his helmet and actually see his mug. What we didn’t go for was a 16 inning loss.  I was really proud to be one of the fans that stuck it out, and was cheering (and cursing) all along the way.  There wasn’t too much cheering to be done until Jimmy smacked that homer in the bottom of the ninth, and there sure was a hell of a lot of booing in the 14th when Howard was ejected. 

As it appears to me and I have looked at this thing from a bunch of different angles and it really looks like Ryan did swing at the first strike in question, but the last one NO WAY.  What made me, and likely Howard so angry was when Scott Barry proceeded to mimic Howard and then baited him with his hands on his hips and his ugly glares.  Howard as we all know went off.  Sure I think he had the right to be upset, and I think that showing some frustration is fine, but when you go that far you need to think of your rauli.jpgteam, and it’s fans.  We’re in a playoff hunt and in the 14th inning.  There are no bench players left so getting yourself ejected it a little costly.  You also have to remember to keep your cool for the fans.  Obviously we don’t want our kids emulating that kinda stuff out on the little league field.  Getting tossed forced the Phillies to put Ibanez at first and bring Roy Oswalt in to play right field, and ultimately have to bat in place of Howard as our last hope in the bottom of the 16th. 

_aug242.jpgDon’t worry I’m not letting Scott Barry leave without blame.  The guy is a glorified Triple A Umpire.  These guys come up here when someone gets sick or goes on vacation.  He’s just like a prospect, and he’ll get sent back down.  It will be behind closed doors, but he’s going to have a lot of questions to answer about this to supervisors.  It was pretty ridiculous.  Acting like he did was really immature for an umpire.  The umpires usually cross their arms or keep their hands in their pockets to avoid any misinterpretation of emotion. Not Barry, he threw his hands on his hips to emulate Howard like something a kid on the playground would do.  His ejection was pretty crappy.  After a team that has used all their bench players and has pushed it to the 14th inning you need to give them a little bit of leniency because they’re in the playoff chase.  This guy needs to just keep his hands in his pockets and stop trying to get himself on SportsCenter.  I think you suck Barry.
I’m not particularly worried right now about the offense.  The team is in a skid right now but to be fair the Phillies rushed back Howard and Utley.  Neither one of these guys is swinging the bat particularly well, but it won’t be long.  Timing is a huge part of hitting and they just need to get it clicking.  

These mental mistakes are getting to be unbearable.  You won’t win games if you don’t play fundamental baseball and these goofy mistakes are costing the Phillies outs, and ultimately runs.   I still believe that the Phillies are going to make the playoffs, but I’m questioning how far they’ll be able to go if these mistakes and the lack of focus continues. 

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