Cain Can’t Beat Jimmy

19 Aug


Jimmy Rollins goes one hit short of the cycle in a fantastic win over the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday, Jimmy’s three run jack in the bottom of the 4th was the offensive highlight of the game, however his triple was pretty damn exciting too.  I love watching guys fly around the bases like that.  Jimmy has really turned it on in the last week. Rollins is 5-for-10 with six RBI, three runs scored, and two stolen bases.

Charlie Manuel was asked before the game if Jimmy Rollins, could hit.

“You bet your sweet *** he can hit” Charlie said.  Nice.

The Phillies faced the Giants #2 pitcher that has recently been pitching like a number one, and for the second straight night they waited til the right moment and pounced.  Matt Cain has been more reliable to the Giants in the second half then 2x Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.  Tonight wasn’t his night though as Cain surrendered 5 runs in six innings. 

_aug181.jpgJoe Blanton continues to inch closer to form.  It’s unfortunate that it’s basically taken him all season to get where the Phillies wanted.  Besides two big homers Joe was pretty effective, pitching 6 1/3 innings with seven strikeouts.  It was enough to let the lineup do it’s job.

Side Notes –

Ryan Howard – Howard is now eying Monday for his return to the lineup.  I’m glad they’re not rushing him. 

Wild Card – That’s great… We want the Division title.

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One Response to “Cain Can’t Beat Jimmy”

  1. thomasox August 19, 2010 at 2:02 pm #

    Hey Mike,
    I love Charlie Manual, or “Chuck” as his family calls him. I never made it to the Iron Pigs. Ah well. Next year. Goin tonight to CBP with a fellow Dean–she teaches at Rowan. The cool piece of trivia is that her grandfather was head of security for years at Veteran’s.
    Anyway, really hoping the Phils will take the division. How has the reception for Burrell been?

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