Utley Returns – Wild Card in Hand

18 Aug

_aug172.jpgThe fans were already standing in ovation when Chase Utley stepped up to the batters box. Exactly 7 weeks to the day Utley returned to the lineup with the big boys.  Utley went 0-5 but it won’t be long until Utley returns to form.  After the game Utley said that all along his goal was just to get back out there.  He admitted his timing is what he needs to still work on, but like I said it won’t be long. 

I have to admit it.  I didn’t see him returning this quickly at all.  The other day I said that I expected him and Ryan to return around Friday, but with Utley… He always has to surprise you.

Tuesday night’s win was one of the more sound wins the Phillies have had in a while.  The Phillies have this knack for wearing down the starting pitchers and then preying on the bullpen.  Barry Zito held strong for 5 innings but the Phils eventually got to him and he was pulled with 4 runs earned.  The Bullpen took over the the Phillies attacked.  Clutch hits from Jimmy, Shane and Mr. August Carlos Ruiz. 

Chooch‘s bases loaded double gave the Phillies the cushion they needed to seal the victory with comfort.   Carlos is red hot.  Chooch has 13 RBI in the month of August and more importantly he’s doing it when we need him.  Carlos continues to improve and impress the Phillies and fans alike.

It may have gone unnoticed with the Utley/Burrell hoopla going on at the ballpark, but Roy Oswalt pitched a pretty good game on Tuesday.  He was tagged for two runs in the first inning, most notable was the home run from Pat Burrell, but after that Oswalt started to cruise.  Roy pitched 7 strong innings allowing 3 runs and striking out 7.  He also laid down a really great bunt in the 5th that helped get the Phillies on the board.

_aug173.jpgThe three Aces have really been dealing this last week.  Hamels was the hard luck loser over the weekend but our big have combined for some pretty great statistics.

  • 23 innings pitched
  • Four earned runs
  • 22 strikeouts
  • 3 Walks
  • 2 wins
  • Two hits!!! Ha 

If the the Phillies reach the playoffs, and I think they will they have arguably the strongest starting pitching staff of any team.

Yes, yes… Pat Burrell returned.  I really like Pat, he’s a nice guy.  I’m glad he got to have two good years as a Phillie before he departed, because he had some really miserable.  He got a great ovation from the sold out crowd at CBP, and tipped his cap. He proceeded to crush on to left field, and then I think I was ready for him to leave.  We still love ya Pat, but you can go home now.

_aug171.jpgThe Phillies have sole possession of the Wild Card, but don’t expect the Giants to hand it over that easily.  Matt Cain pitches tonight and he has been just as good as Tim Lincecum, probably better.  Thankfully we won’t see Timmy this week.

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P.S. I hate the Mets, but good for them with placing K-Rod on the Disqualified List.  He won’t be paid until he’s able to play again.  They should get some of the contract money back, because it isn’t their fault that he went crazy and punched that poor guy.  K-Rod, if he gets his contractual option for next year will be the highest paid baseball reliever in Major League history. 



One Response to “Utley Returns – Wild Card in Hand”

  1. devilabrit August 18, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    It was almost looking like the Phillies last night, get back Howard and we’ll be all set, it was great to see Utley back at 2nd base…. here’s hoping ESPN doesn’t screw things up tonight


    Phillies Outside

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