They Checked – I Still Bleed Red

14 Aug

photo 4.JPGThe Phillies held their 6th annual blood drive in association with the American
Red Cross.  it was the largest blood drive in American Red Cross history!  The Phillies apparently received an overwhelming response
and had over 1,700 donors register.  I was one of them.  All presenting
blood donors received a Special Event Chase Utley
Jersey Style T-Shirt, a tour of the ballpark and supposedly and
opportunity to have their
picture taken with both the 2008 World Series Trophy and last season’s
National League Championship Trophy. I didn’t see the trophies anywhere
but I always enjoy walking through the park, especially when there
really isn’t anyone there.

photo 1.JPGThings
moved nice and smooth and everyone as always was really friendly. The
Hall of Fame Club and the Diamond Club were transformed into a triage
area and   I donated down in the Diamond Club and had my fiance take a
few pictures.

I usually feel like I’m gonna hurl after I give blood and
know the snacks provided afterward are free but I stopped at the donuts
place on the way over. I forgot to get napkins and got donuts frosting all over my face so I drew a fu-manchu over my face.

photo 3.JPGThanks to everyone who came out and donated.  If you missed out on it
visit The Red Cross’s donation website
and see where they are doing their next blood drive.  I know they won’t
be giving away free t-shirts but it’s a really nice thing to do.

Since 2006, the Phillies and American Red Cross have teamed up to host
nine Phillies Blood Drives at Citizens Bank Park, collecting nearly
7,000 units of blood and potentially helping to save over 17,000 lives
across the region.

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One Response to “They Checked – I Still Bleed Red”

  1. August 19, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    I LOVE that picture of you with the stash!!!!!

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