All Cole All Night

14 Aug


Well it’s pretty safe to say that Cole Hamels WAS the Phillies on Friday night at Citi Field.  The Phillies had the unfortunate luck of having to face the knuckleballer R.A. Dicky yet again.  This is the third time the Phils have seen the knucklehead and after he was pounded by them last week he made some adjustments.

The first time they saw Dickey he stifled the Phillies and pitched very well relying on his knuckle ball entirely.  Last week he went with a different approach and worked with the knuckle and his fastball and it totally backfired.  It was no surprise he went back to what worked.  Dickey threw a complete game shutout, and a one hitter to boot.  He fooled the Phillies all night long. 

“Hard Luck” Hamels got the Phillies only hit, and it sure was great that he did because I sure didn’t want to see those Mets enjoy a No-No at our expense. No way!

Cole was again terrific.  He held the Mets to just five hits and one run. He pitched the complete game and struck out eight.  How did Cole feel about getting the lone hit?

“It’s nice, but at the same time, I’m not in the game to get hits,” Hamels said.  As far as his thoughts on his pitching performance Hamels was able to keep the mood light and responded “My ERA is going down,” he said. “Last year, all it did was go up.”  It’s nice to see that he’s had a good attitude after all the difficulty he’s been issued with run support. 

Who would ever have thought we’d be complaining about this team not getting enough runs?

That lone run was a little puzzling.  It appeared that Victorino could have made the catch but he said that the ball aluded him in the air and appeared to “Knuckle” in the air.  I hate typing that word.  Knuckle…

dick.jpgThe weirdest part of the night for me was the homerun that was overturned.  It was surprising that they overturned it because they almost never do that.  It was just surprising that they awarded Hessman with third base.  When the hell did they start doing that?  As far as I know when a ball that’s in play is interfeared with it’s automatically considered a ground rule double. Why the hell he got placed at third I have no idea.   I’m really puzzled there.  It wasn’t a factor in the outcome because Cole struck out the next two hitters and got Dickey to ground out. 

After last night’s dramatic win I was wondering if offense was going to be problematic.  The Mets have now shut out the Phillies four straight times in Queens.

Get em’ tomorrow boys!

Side Notes –

Chase Utley –  Chase shipped out to Clearwater to begin his rehab.  He’s expected to play on Saturday.  If all things go well it is a possibility that he could be activated during the next home stand.

The Big Piece – Howard has been running on his injured ankle and is eligible to come off the DL next week.  Charlie Manuel has hinted that he thinks Ryan may need a few extra days just as a precaution.  That’s OK by me.  I want him back and strong.  I think this team is planning on a riding their September trend of jumping on The Big Piece’s back and riding him to the playoffs. 

Braves – Won again tonight.  Phillies now trail them by three games.

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