Oswalt-Lidge Dominate Dogers

12 Aug


Roy Oswalt got to make his home debut tonight as a member of the Phillies.  It was Oswalt’s third start in Phillies red and now thankfully, his first win. Oswalt threw 7 innings with 5 strike-outs and ZERO earned runs.

Going into the game Roy was pitching with the worst run support in the Majors, and Wednesday night would be no different.  The Phillies left 8 runners on the bags during the game, but two was enough to get Roy the win.

Madson pitched another strong 8th striking out two.  Brad Lidge came on and did the same.  Lidge’s strike-outs were both nasty.  His slider looked really great. Jay Gibbons proved how good it was when he swung at a pitch that barely made it to the plate.

The run support wasn’t there, but the Phillies still managed a good victory after getting stomped on Tuesday night. 

The Phillies definitely still have issues in the bullpen.  They don’t have a lefty specialist since J.C. Romero can’t seem to get anybody out. Reports earlier this week said that Scott Eyre had contacted the Phillies saying that he would be willing to return, but would need about three weeks to prepare.  Eyre said he would only return to the Major Leagues as a member of the Phillies.  This might be something to consider when our roster expands in a few weeks. 

_aug113.jpgRoss Gload pulled up with an groin strain while running to second after stroking a double.  It didn’t look good.  Gload will be evaluated again today but it’s likely we’ll be give Cody Ransom another phone call.  It’s a shame because Gload had been playing really well offensively, and defensively as well.

If Gload has to go to the disabled list he’ll be the 16th member of the Phillies to do so.  The record?  19 in 2007.  Let’s hope they don’t try to break it.

Side Notes –

Raul – Ibanez’s hit streak continues! He’s up to 18 games… Go Raul!

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