Santana Shuts Phils Down

7 Aug

_aug81.jpgThe pitchers were dueling in South Philly on Saturday night.  Cole Hamels and Johan Santana both pitched very, very well and either one would have been deserving of a victory.  The Phillies came into this game just one game back of the Braves who are at home playing the Giants.  It had the feeling of late September at the ballpark.

As stated before the pitchers were the big story of Saturday night.  Cole was dealing through 7 innings with 11 strike outs.  His opponent Johan Santana was also throwing really well. Santana had a no-hitter going against the Phils into the bottom of the 6th.

_aug83.jpgI’ve been taking a lot of issue lately with the poor base running of the
Phillies.  Obviously the other night in Florida was the worst but
tonight there were a couple more times that I was surprised that the
guys were running.  Things looked pretty good when Werth lead the 7th
inning off with a double, but when Ben Francisco chopped to short in the
very next at bat Werth was tagged out trying to get to third.  He
should have stayed put.

Cole went 7 innings only surrendering one run off the bat of Jeff Francoeur in the form of a solo homer.  Chad Durbin followed Cole in the 8th loading the bases but the Phillies escaped. 

_aug82.jpgThe game got pretty intense when the Phillies got a few hits and walks to load the bases in the 8th.  Santana was was pulled for the closer Francisco Rodriguez.  He likes to be called Frankie, but do you think I care?  Just like the top of the 8th the Mets followed the Phillies lead and escaped without damage. 

Ryan Madson pitched a very good top of the 9th, but in the bottom of the 9th it was pretty much 1,2,3.

The Phils have been working their walks and hitting the ball hard, unfortunately those balls have been getting caught.

Side Notes –

Raul Ibanez – continues to thrive at the front end of the lineup.  Ibanez is now riding a 15 game hitting streak which I’m pretty sure is the longest one in his career.

Alumni Weekend – Before Saturday’s game more Alumni were introduced on the field and I thought it was great that Milt Thompson came back.  As we all know Milt was canned back in July, but he came out Saturday to a nice round of applause from the Phillies faithful.

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One Response to “Santana Shuts Phils Down”

  1. bklyntrolleyblogger August 9, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    That enjoyment didn’t last too long for me….Tonight, in the first inning, running wild and scoring two early runs ~ and thinking knocking off Doc’s glove was a nice omen….things fell apart like wet toilet paper the my Mets. Grrr!
    Road tripped to Allentown for an IronPigs/Pawtucket game about a month ago. Had a blast.

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