No Longer a Rumor – Oswalt a Phillie

29 Jul


It’s official, Roy Oswalt is a Philadelphia Phillie.  The Astros have received pitcher J.A. Happ, and Minor League prospects Jonathan Villar and Anthony Gose.  Gose apparently has already been traded again to Toronto. The Phillies also got back a reported $11 Million in cash with Oswalt, but will add $1 Million to Oswalt’s buyout.  The money obviously sweetened the deal for the Phillies making it easier to keep Oswalt if desired for the next 2 seasons.  

Roy 2 will get to have his first start in the “Road Greys” tomorrow in Washington D.C. against the Nationals. 

One interesting thing to note with this move is that it’s been reported that Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt had been texting and talking on the phone even up until late last night. Brad had been telling Roy how great it is to be in Philadelphia, and encouraging him to make the leap.  Cool, thanks Brad.

Let’s enjoy this tonight and pick apart the issues tomorrow, shall we?

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