Utley Update and Crazy Trade Rumors

19 Jul


Chase Utley had his cast removed on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Daily News reports.

will wear a brace on his hand for the next three weeks. He thinks he
will be able to return action quickly after that. “We still have to be
smart about everything,” said Utley. “We want it to heal. That 5- to
6-week [post-operation] period is apparently how long it takes to heal
properly. At that point, I think we’ll have to play it by ear, but
that’s when I’d like to start getting back into it.” Utley is targeting
a six week recovery time as opposed to the eight weeks doctors
originally suggested. That would have him back in mid-August.

Cross your fingers, cause Utley can’t… Injuries have obviously been a problem for the Phillies but the rest of the team is healthy now and they’re still playing poorly.  The Phillies need Utley to return strong.  Considering the last few games and how poorly the Phillies have played his return might need to rival Christ’s to be enough to save this team.


Oh WOW! This will be an interesting day.  Roy Oswalt, Dan Haren, Ben Sheets (Hope not).  Sounding like these deals would cost us Werth and J.A. Happ.  With Moyer seemingly headed to the D.L. The pressure is really on now for Ruben Amaro.  It’s going to be interesting because even if Cy Young was starting for us everyday the offense is still struggling so badly.

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One Response to “Utley Update and Crazy Trade Rumors”

  1. phils11380 July 22, 2010 at 8:22 am #

    Really hope that Utley can come back in 6 weeks we need him desperately. Just not too soon don’t want to jeoparadise whatever spell check his recovery. Would love to see Oswalt or Haren. Sheets is ok but not worth losing talent. I like the Bearded Wonder(Werth) but won’t be sad if he gets traded. They need to keep Happ getting sick of trading away young talent. He should’ve gotten rookie of the year last year. Still pissed about losing Drabek especially since he was quoted as saying he wished he could’ve stayed in Philly. Trade Werth,Blanton,Kendrick,Francisco, Ibanez and whatever other scrub there is. Werth and Ibanez aren’t scrubs but the others are. Those two are the only ones that are marketable and Ibanez is a big question mark this year. We can replace Werth with Brown or some other minor league talent.

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