Halladay Hits Cubs – They Hit Back

19 Jul

phillies cubs baseball--696069311_v2.widec.jpg

Roy just wasn’t his usual self on Sunday against the Cubbies.  Roy Halladay managed to plunk All Star Marlon Byrd, Twice.  Both of those times, it cost him.

Roy thought it wasn’t the plunking of Byrd that cost him, it was really the homers that he gave up following them. Soto and Soriano both blasted balls off Halladay giving their team a big enough lead that the Phillies just couldn’t catch up to.

“You don’t want to beat yourself with big runs,” Halladay said.
“Two-run homers cost you. You’re always trying to minimize. Guys get on
base and you feel like you can get out of it. We obviously expected to
do well, but like I said, two pitches. You don’t get away with
mistakes. It’s going to cost you.”

I agree.  Prior to this game Halladay had thrown 18 scoreless innings.

The Philles managed to tack on a few homers (Howard, Dobbs, and Francisco) at the conclusion of the game but they were too little, too late. The Phils left Chicago with a single win in the four game series.  Not what people were expecting after their tremendous series against the Reds prior to the All Star Game. Let’s get real friends, injuries are no longer an excuse.  The entire team is healthy minus Chase Utley.  Pitching is what it is, the line up is what will save this team. This is geting a ridiculous and is becoming hard to watch. 

Side Notes –

Utley – Chase is still traveling with the team.  He’s been keeping up his cardio program and doing running drills with the team to keep in shape.

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