Phils Can’t Solve Interleague Play

23 May

Well, this was a terrible weekend to be a Phillies fan.  Dice-K made us look pretty ****** on Saturday and our ace got knocked around pretty hard on Sunday. Ugh.


The Phillies are just terrible in Interleague play. They are 24 and 45 in the last 5 years which is nothing to be proud of. 


I think Charlie is going to really start getting a lot more questions about how long he can really let Roy Halladay go.  Today Roy had an early exit, being pulled after 99 pitches, which was the first time he’s thrown fewer than 100 since Opening Day.  He was asked after the game if he felt that his arm was suffering any fatigue because of his long previous outing (also a loss) and his reply was one word, “None.”  Roy was not very sharp today, only gaining one strikeout.  Roy allowed seven runs (six earned) in 5 2/3 innings, and it was his shortest outing since August of 2009.

Let’s just say that the Phillies REALLY deserve, and need this day off tomorrow.  The offense is ice cold, the bullpen is taxed, and Charlie needs to work on his excuses.

  • Tuesday-  We’re headed to Queens to play three with the Mets.

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