Jimmy on the Spot

21 May


Well, there is always something to debate when it comes to the Phils.  I stayed up entirely too late last night listening to Philadelphia’s premier sports radio station, 610 WIP.  Man, people were blasting Charlie Manuel for not putting Jimmy right back into the lead off spot. Come on people, he’s been back for FOUR games!  I was as pumped as you yesterday when he rocked that 3-0 fastball, but he’s still getting back.  Jimmy only played in one game while he was in Clearwater and if you add that number to how many he played in up here, you’ll get 5.  Give it some time.  It’s basically still Spring Training for him.  He’ll be back there pretty soon.  Relax, Charlie said he’ll consider it for the weekend.

The Phillies sneak by the Cubs to earn a series split.  Jose Contreras earned a save, it was kinda sketchy but he managed to make it across the tightrope.  Homers from Utley, Rollins, and clutch hitting from Raul Ibanez put the Phillies ahead.

Side Notes.

  • The Red Soxs are coming to town…. Barf.
  • I wouldn’t ordinarily say to root for the Yankees, but word on the street is that if the Mets can’t manage something this weekend in the series with the cross town rivals, then it might be the end of Jerry Manuel.  I just enjoy others misfortune….

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One Response to “Jimmy on the Spot”

  1. raysrenegade May 21, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Jose Contreras is going through that weird transition from just Jose Schmose set-up guy, to being “the Man” unitl Brad Ledge returns from the DL.
    It is a different type of animal, the closer. And even if Jose does have that killer instinct and taste for spoilled blood, he gots to get into his own rythym on the mound.
    So he might be shaky for a few until the cobwebs and the butterflies leave, then he will turn down right nasty on the mound.
    The transition is different for each guy, but I think Jose will be fine in the end, and it will benefit the Phillies.

    Rays Renegade


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