Save the Beard!

11 May


Alright, we may as well get this discussion rolling since it’s going to be the most widely talked about topic regarding the Phillies for the next year.  There have been a number of reports that the Phillies and Jayson Werth’s agent say that they are at “an impasse” as far as a contract deal goes. It’s not for lack of trying, though. The Phillies are very interested in bringing the fan favorite back, but he’s making it harder and harder each day for them to be able to realistically afford him. 

I heard Peter Gammons say last week that he expects Jayson to be able to command a salary around $17 million each year, and I have to agree, but that number might even rise more.  Jayson is out to a torrid start this Spring.  He’s currently batting .348, and is leading the Majors with 17 doubles (He had 26 in all of 2009).  Defensivly he’s complimenting that with his strong arm and quick legs.  Werth is looking at another All-Star year and it’s a little early to say this but if he continues his efforts he’ll be a very strong MVP candidate for 2010.  The problem with all this is that everyday he performs he’s slowly pricing himself outside of what Philadelphia can really afford.  Jayson is going to be the most regarded free agent this fall along with eh-hem… um Cliff Lee. 

I’ve been hearing people say that they expect Jayson to get a contract similar to what Jason Bay received from the Mets, but I think it’s going to be MUCH higher.  Bay received $14 million from the Mets, but Werth is a much better player then Bay.  No, really… Bay isn’t even fit to carry Werth’s cleats.  But the issue still remains, can the Phillies really afford him?  Well yes, they can.  The ownership of the Phillies will have some choices to make at the end of this season.  I was talking with my friends the other night and I said that what I think it’s going to come down to is how the Phillies do in the big show this year.  Yes, I know that I’m getting ahead of myself thinking that the Phils are going to get back to the World Series again, but bear with me.  If the Philles get back to the playoffs and fall short then I think that ownership will have to think long and hard about keeping Werth, because without him they know that next year won’t be any easier.  If they get there and win, well… then we might see Dominic Brown out there in right field this time next year. 

So I wanna know, what are fans willing to do to keep this team in the hunt the next few years?  Are you OK with raising the price of parking?  Increasing the price of hot dogs, and beer?  Charging more for tickets is a given!  What are you willing to put up with?  Which did you sulk about more last October, $7 beers or losing to the Yankees? 

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