Despite injuries Phils Prevail

7 May

The Phillies could surely be described recently as the walking wounded, but this past week has been a testament that it’s hard to bring a good team down.  April saw the Phillies without many key players including Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, J.C. Romero, and of course Jimmy Rollins.  Not to mention that J.A. Happ and Ryan Madson are nolarge_jimmy-rollins.jpgw looking to be gone for quite some time.  The Mets and Cardinals came into this past week as two of the hottest teams in Baseball.  The Mets were riding a week-long win streak and the Cardinals have been handing out their fair share of losses to everyone in their path.  The Phils worked a 2-1 series win with the Mets, and a 3-1 series win with the Cards.  Winning the series is key, sure sweeps are great but if you can manage to continually take series to the bank you’ll be positioned very well in the end. 


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