Gimme a Penny, We’ll give you some Homers.

5 May


Kyle Kendrick appears to have secured himself another start. Not that there are really that many options….

Kendrick pitched 7 innings allowing 6 hits, 3 Strikeouts and 2 Walks.  The hits are nothing new as Kendrick is known as a ground ball pitcher but he kept the walks to a minimum and got out of trouble. 

Brad Penny, who wore really ugly socks tonight, earned himself a qualitly start, but a loss.  One of the stupider statistics in Baseball, a quality is a start where a pitcher allows only 3 runs over six innings.  My criticisim of this is that a pitcher could conceivably meet the minimum requirements for a quality start and record a 4.50 ERA, which in most cases is considered pretty sucky.

Homers from Polanco and Victorino, plus a 2 out RBI from Greg Dobbs powered the Phillies to a win over the N.L. best Cards.

  • Side-note- Juan Castro appears to have pulled a hamstring while running to first base.  This is NOT good news since Castro is filling in for the injured Jimmy Rollins.  Likely substitutes are Wilson Valdez and possibly Cody Ransom who’s playing with the Iron Pigs up in Allentown.  Say a prayer
  • Jimmy Rollins is going down to Clearwater to begin a rehab program.

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