Set Tasers to Stun

4 May


Alright, I can only imagine you’ve heard about this idiot already.  Last night during the Phillies game against the St. Louis Cardinals this ******* pictured to the right decided to jump onto the field and make a complete *** out of himself in front of a crowd of 45,000.  Well, he certainly succeeded in looking stupid. After avoiding capture by Police and security for about a minute, the officer on field had just about enough, pulled his taser and fired.  The kid slid face first into the grass with a forward slide that Jimmy Rollins would have been impressed with. 

What I’m kinda wondering is why the hell do people have a problem with this?  This kid totally got what he deserved.  The argument that I have heard the most is that it was a use of excessive force.  What people should know about taser guns is that they fairly harmless.  If you watch the video of the incident the kid is back up on his feet in just a few seconds. I’ve included a link to this great video captured by a fan below.  This kind of taser shoots two fish hook like prongs that break through your skin and run a nice juicy current of electricity through your bones.  From what I have been told the officer did exactly what he was supposed to do and brought the kid to his knees and cuffed him.  If the officer had gone too far then this kid would have been flopping around like a fish out of water.  It’s been said that in a lot of arrests where officers apprehend a criminal on the run they usually sustain injuries in the form of punches and kicks while taking the bum down.  Sure, he’s 17 and was probably completely harmless, but if I was the officer out on the field my first thought if this kid is dumb enough to jump the fence and run around whirling a rally towel then he might just be stupid enough to try and pop me one in the face, or run at a player.  Let this be a lesson to all you beer chugging morons that flock to CBP.  Unless you’re on PCP, it won’t feel good. 

The Shocking Video


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